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Icelandic horses
Association Switzerland

1536 Members

4587 Icelandic horses

0442 Stallions

0051 Foals per year

0101 World Ranking Riders

0108 Licensed Coaches

Icelandic horses in Switzerland

The foundation for todays IPV CH was laid with the import of the first Icelandic horses in the late 1950s. They were pioneers who fought for Icelandic ponies to be recognised. The privilege of this young history: Most of our pioneers are still alive today and can tell first-hand about the beginnings of the Icelandic horse in Switzerland. They will also do this live at the 2025 World Cup and thus combine Swiss culture with the horse of fire and ice.

Inside IPV CH

In the club, everything revolves around the small, shaggy horses from the far north, who feel most comfortable in the herd and in the great outdoors. With the Icelandic horse, new trends such as group housing in free-range stables and gaited riding were initiated throughout Europe. The renaissance of tölt and pass began. With our departments: training, sport, breeding, leisure, youth and communication, we want to cover and support all facets and approaches to the Icelandic horse.

In the last 50 years, the Viking horse has developed into a reliable and nerve-racking riding horse. One of the oldest breeds in Europe has emerged, unadulterated, without cross-breeding and influenced by the nature of Iceland, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of frugality, reliability and self-confidence.

Today, this cultural asset needs to be disseminated in Switzerland through the IPV CH. We are at the service of the Icelandic horse and it is our job to maintain the quality, purity and characteristics of these unique horses. Our heart beats to the beat of the Icelandic horses!

Voices from the Board


«After 1995 and 2009, we have the pleasure of welcoming the world's best riding couples in Icelandic horse sport to Switzerland for the third time. The event is the biggest ambassador for the Icelandic horse and will give further impetus to the steadily growing Icelandic horse movement in Switzerland.»

President / SVPS Delegate



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